Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, life got a little busy...

Some people love being pregnant. I am resoundingly not one of them. Between constant, debilitating pelvic joint pain which left me barely able to walk from about February through early July, and general malaise, exhaustion and a particularly challenging class (okay, not strictly pregnancy related, but it certainly didn't make life easier), I feel like I barely made it through July.

At the end of it though - and by, the end, I mean July 18th - our baby decided to make her debut.

To say that the whole labour experience was a comedy of errors would be doing the people at the hospital a disservice. I WILL say though that between the epidural taking an hour to administer (it usually takes 10 minutes) because the student doctor (I'm sorry resident) needed help from his attending (and even then, she had to do it in the end), going through 6 nurses, including one who responded to my question of "How dilated am I?" with "Have you ever had Yorkshire pudding?" and, the epidural only working on half my body at a time before finally failing in the end (so I got to experience most of my labour and birth, whee! Not at all what I wanted) AND the doctors having to use a vacuum as the baby was sunny side up right until the end, both my husband and I managed to laugh our way through most of the experience.

Except the actually moments of delivery. I screamed a lot during those.

I'll be honest, the fact that I made it to 6 cms med free makes me pretty proud. Especially because I spent most of them sitting still on the edge of the hospital bed being poked repeatedly by the epidural needle. The whole experience gives me a lot of faith that I could handle doing it naturally.

Not that I want to. It's just nice to know that I could do it.

Audrey Piper was made her grand debut at 11:02 am on July 18th and has pretty much ruled our lives with a cute but iron fist since then.

I joke, she's actually been a pretty chilled out baby to date. The only thing that really upsets her is when I don't feed her fast enough. She also happens to be a grazer throughout the day, which is pretty reminiscent of my side of the family.

Alright, I have to share this picture too, because it's one of my favourites. Audrey at 5 days old:

If I'm very lucky, she'll sleep for 4-5 hours of the night followed by another 2-3 after her early morning feed. So, we're not terribly sleep deprived... but the 5-6 week mark (which, I understand, is when their crying peaks and they're generally at their most cranky) is yet to be upon us, so I don't want to jinx thing!

For your daily dose of cuteness, here are 4 pictures, each taken a week apart (one week old- four weeks old). I'm totally unbiased in saying she's the most adorable baby ever, right?

With the first four weeks behind us, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of blogging regularly. Honestly, I'd hoped to have done this sooner, but today marks the first time that she's been willing to nap anywhere but my arms.

It might surprise you, but it's hard to type with just one hand, while holding a baby. My husband has managed to do a pretty good job of it with on the iPad, mind you, so maybe there's hope for me yet.
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