Sunday, December 05, 2010

Is your house clean enough?

I ask because while my surface areas are pretty good... apparently I need to deep clean more. My parents are currently in my apartment cleaning my oven "in exchange for having seconds of that delicious pork" (recipe coming Tuesday).

I don't know what I should feel more embarrassed about. The oven that I haven't cleaned in 3½ years? The fact my mother is so appalled that she enlisted my father to help her clean it? The fact that I'm sitting here blogging and LETTING them clean it?

In my defence, I think seconds of the pork make for a fair trade.


Keith said...

I say ride it! I'm sure the pork it a fair trade. Also, they wouldn't do it if they didn't want to.

Alyson said...

Yeah, I totally let them go to town. I even took pictures, but my mum forbade me from posting them up here.

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