Monday, August 30, 2010

Back and not-quite ready to face reality

For the past two weeks, I was here:

My husband poses in all his glory.
Our cottage (read: my parents') is in Norway Bay, Quebec. The place is so English, the local town ran the language police out. As a consequence, all of our stop signs read: STOP. That's right, no bilingualism for this area!

We had some terrible weather (naturally, the good stuff came in the weekend we left). The hill beside the cottage washed out after we got more than 100mls in an afternoon.

The hill was pretty smooth when we got up...
I wish I had a before shot!
Worst part about this? All the gravel on our property now.
The rain washed out the beach too.
In spite of the crumby weather, Phil and I got out on the kayaks three times, including one last run that had us paddling in waves the size of which I hadn't seen since Hawaii. We practically surfed in to the beach, it was that awesome. I wish I had a waterproof camera for photos!

We had a horseshoe tournament. It was a hard fought
battle of middling skills. Out of respect for my husband
I won't gloat about who was declared the overall winner.
Ah, a trip to Henderson's (the local Depanneur) wouldn't be
complete without frozen treats! Or so we told ourselves. It was a 5k
walk, round trip!
Stay tuned for posts about peach cobbler, pizza on the BBQ and a grilled thyme limoncello cocktail. Oh! And stories about our neighbours and the Creepy House.

I sense a teen novel location here...

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The Hurst Family said...

Yes!!! Excellent! More stories, please. At least someone is having a good time this summer.

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