Monday, September 27, 2010

Eating a Beaver Tail

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a disaster recipe, if for no other reason but to show you that I can fail (and do) spectacularly in the kitchen.

Also coming up will be the story of this weekend's very quick jaunt to Ottawa to hang out with the ILs (who were, in turn, hanging out with my parents). Stay tuned for the Museum of Civilization (I can tell, you're brimming with enthusiasm), the Parliament Buildings, the Market, plus Howard (my father in law) tries canoing up at the cottage!

Parliament Hll
Even though our train got in an hour and a half late last night, I got to go to the Black Tomato and Cora's, which means I count this weekend as a success.

Photo from:
Now, Ottawa is famous for many things (one hopes that everyone knows it's the capital of Canada), but one thing has eluded my husband in all his trips there in the past 5 years: the Beaver Tail.

It's a Winterlude tradition here - in fact, I've only eaten a Beaver Tail once or twice outside of skating on the canal in the middle of winter, but as Phil hasn't been to Ottawa in the middle of winter, he's never had the chance.

Before I go any further, I should explain that a Beaver Tail is deep fried dough topped with deliciousness. No actual beavers were harmed.

At least, not to my knowledge.

photo not mine - found off google images
My favourite flavour is the Killaloo Sunrise (cinnamon, sugar and lemon). They have all these fancy, new fangled flavours that include skor topped ones, but I'm pretty sure they're sacrilegious. I'm a traditionalist in this regard.

Phil is unsure of what to do with the lemon
The best part of the Beaver Tails is where it gets all thin and crispy. Yum!

The first, delicious bite.
The fact remains though, that Beaver Tails aren't as good if you're not tottering around in -20ยบ weather on thin metal blades. And if it's not accompanied with hot chocolate in a styrofoam cup, you can just forget about it.

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