Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More cottaging goodness

A few of my favourite things:

1. When we cross over the Ottawa River on the ferry, it feels like the real world just melts away behind us.

Ferry landing at Quyon.
2. Playing on the swing set up at Coronation Hall.

Me behaving geeky.
Phil likes to get in on the action too.

3. Walking along the train tracks.

And then looking at the rocks for fossils.

Can you see the fossil? I can't.
4. Little flowers all over the place.

These were right up against the train tracks.
5. A late afternoon game of horseshoes. The light is just perfect.

Just before Phil's first victory.
6. Fresh donuts, pies and eclairs from the Pontiac Home Bakery in Shawville.

7. The obligatory run to Henderson's for snacks.

The Popsicle melted all over me.
Summer bliss, I tell you.


Keith said...

I miss playing on the swings! I found an abandoned park just outside my town, but I find there is nothing creepier then that. The grass is overgrown, the structures are rusted, and the storage shed is covered in graffiti. It scares the poop out of me.

I removed the first post cause of a glaring typo!

Alyson said...

You should totally take some pics of the place! I love creepy abandoned playgrounds.

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