Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A compliment

A fellow teacher, who's been at this career for 20+ years, told me yesterday that "it gives me hope that there are teachers like you in the world. I see what you do, and how you care, and I wish my daughter was one of your students".

I am truly humbled. Most of the time, I think I'm squeaking by with the skin of my teeth.

I'm happy taking detours in the classroom. We spent yesterday talking about wikileaks and creating analogies between international affairs and playground dynamics.

And then 28 of 30 students stayed in at lunch because they wanted to learn more.

And when I told them there's a World Issues class in high school, the class burst out in a flurry of excited declarations of intent.

And then I put on my Dead Poet's Society cap and said, "Go out, learn and experience the world so that you might be the ones who shape it."

That's the great thing about teaching 13 year olds. They're terribly impressed by cheese.


Keith said...

of course you rock:) but it is always nice to hear it from someone you respect. keep up the good work! when I have kids, I'll hope they have a teacher like you, too!

Carina said...

You are the awesome. Also, the Dead Poets Society quote made me giggle - the cheese is always useful. My writer's craft teacher in high school showed us that movie for the first time and it made all of us go all uber-cheesey-I'm-going-to-be-a-writer.

Alyson said...

Ah thank-you-both!

There's an appropriate place for cheese, I think!

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