Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Best Sushi...

... I've ever had was at the Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) in Tokyo.

The meal above cost 20$. I've never had fresher or more amazing sushi in my life... and I seriously doubt I ever will again. We ate it at 8:30 am at this tiny little shop on the outskirts of the market that seated no more than 8 people at any given time. Years later, the restaurant was profiled in The Guardian as part of their 50 Best Foods and Where to Get Them article.

Truth be told, we didn't know where we were eating at the time. We just walked in because there was a seat. The whole meal, all I could keep repeating was "Wow."

Also, while going through the pictures of that trip to Tokyo, I discovered that I once looked like this:

Hm. That blond hair definitely looks unnatural now... especially in the light of the train from Nakatsugawa to Nagoya.

Seriously, I look too young to have been living on my own for two years in a foreign country where I was illiterate.

Time is a cruel mistress, huh?

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