Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toronto Restaurant Review: moved

Hey y'all. I've moved the second Fanny Chadwick review down with the first. I was worried that people wouldn't see the follow-up post.

Alrighty, please return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Locavore Family said...


Interesting follow up. It's fascinating how to-die-for condiments show a real eye for detail and concern for food from start to finish, but how staffing issues can turn a great thing into a mediocre thing.

Get your act together, Fanny! We want to love you!

Alyson said...

It's true. So much of what they do speaks of that attention to detail and love that they put into the food. I think they've neglected the other side of things a bit.

Phil tells me that he's pretty sure the bartender was one of the owners, after he heard her talking to the couple in the booth behind us... which is even more reason for her to take my note about pitching in. God knows, when I worked at the Belgian chocolate shop, my boss liked to network, but she was great at reading the room and knowing when to step up and start hauling some butt.

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