Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Friday Thought of the Day: An Excerpt from Chocolat

"And while she read her cards and muttered to herself, I would leaf through my collection of cookery cards, incanting the names of never-tasted dishes like mantras, like the secret formulae of eternal life. Boeuf en daube. Champignons farcis à la grèque. Escalopes à la Reine. Crème Caramel. Schokoladentorte. Tiramisu. In the secret kitchen of my imagination I made them all, tested, tasted them, added to my collection of recipes wherever we went, pasted them into my scrapbook like photographs of old friends. They gave weight to my wanderings, the glossy clippings shining out from between the smeary pages like signposts along our erratic path.

I bring them out now, like long lost friends."

from Joanne Harris' Chocolat

Happy Friday and have a great weekend all!

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