Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scones and Shout-Outs

First off, thanks to all of you who suggested different scone recipes when I asked last week. I ended up making two of the suggestions!

Option 1: Oatmeal Currant Scones
 Locavore Family suggested I try Oatmeal Currant Scones from epicurious. They turned out beautifully, and were (I'm actually surprised by this) the class's favourite. I didn't have any oranges, so I grated some lemon peel into the batter.

Adventuresindinner responded with her Gran's recipe, and my god was she right about the scones rising! They were so fluffy and deliciously buttery (I did use butter, not shortening as I didn't have any of the latter)! I wish I'd taken a picture, but my battery died while I was making them, and then I forgot to recharge it before they got inhaled by my students. You know if it gets inhaled by a pack of ravenous 12-13 year olds, it's gotta be good.

Also, no more than 12 stirs? This will be my mantra from now on!

Thanks to everyone! I'm going to try out E_Hayes' chocolate chip pumpkin scones next. And if you haven't checked our her totally awesome fashion blog, I recommend it. I regularly covet her wardrobe!


Celine said...

scones are my favorite thing to eat, I didn't know them back in Switzerland but have been looking for the perfect recipe ever since I found out about how awesome they are. thanks for the links, I'll try them soon!

Locavore Family said...

It looks great! Glad you liked it - I can`t wait to try AdventuresInDinner`s suggested scone - I love time honoured recipes (and love scones, so double score!).

Alyson said...

They're both great recipes. I'm going to veganify the traditional one up next time and try to use coconut milk and coconut oil (while in its firm state)and see what happens.

I think it would totally rock with your mango-lime jam Linds!

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