Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preserve Week: Claussen-Style Refrigerator Pickles (Round Two)

Last year, I made a big to-do about the Claussen-Style pickles that I'd made.

Turns out, while the sliced ones were good, they really didn't taste like Claussen's version. The ones I left whole were flaccid.

And I think it's safe to say that flaccid pickles have no place in my house.

So, with kirby cukes at the markets, I'm back at it this year, and once again, my hopes are high.

There are a few important changes I've made to my efforts this year: no heating up the brine and a different spice mix.

Already, I can tell a difference in the colour compared to last year. That alone has me jumping for joy.

Claussen-Style Refrigerator Pickles

(adapted from a website that no longer exists)
makes 3 pints


1¼ cups distilled water (this can be replaced with water you've boiled and then chilled)
1¼ cups white vinegar

12 - 16 kirby cucumbers, scrubbed and cut into spears

place into each pint jar:

½ tbsp kosher salt
1 tbsp dill seeds
1/8 tsp celery seeds
½ tsp mustard seeds
½ tsp red pepper flakes
1 small bay leaf
1 clove garlic, minced


1. Sterilize 3 pint jars in boiling water.

2. Stir together water and vinegar in a measuring cup. Set aside. Add spices to jars. Tightly pack in cucumber spears on top of the spices. Pour vinegar mixture over top. Cover, seal and shake to dissolve salt.

3. Place in the fridge. Shake jars for 10 seconds every day for a week. Try to restrain yourself from sampling the wares at this time. Hold out. You can do it! Cucumbers should have undergone the transformation to Cinderella Pickles after 7 days. They'll keep in the fridge for 1 month.


Sweet And Crumby said...

I hope These are everything you are dreaming of in a pickle! And just foe the record...nobody likes a flaccid pickle!

Locavore Family said...

Something about the word "flaccid" always makes me giggle.

I'm so on this and will scout out some Kirby's at the market on Saturday. I've all but given up on cucumber pickles but you and Katz's deli have inspired me.

I'm on it!

Alyson said...

I totally confess to giggling over the word flaccid too. Phil and I were just discussing that it's only really used to describe one thing.

Flaccid pickle just sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it?

Linds - between the two of us, I'm sure we can figure something out. Since attempting this recipe, I was reading that if you soak the cucumbers in arctic like ice water for a while before hand it really helps them stay crunchy too. I haven't tried the pickles yet, but the brine totally tastes like Claussen's...

Rachel said...

I'm wondering about whether these eventually turn into lactofermented pickles considering they are submerged in a brine.

Alyson said...

They totally might, Rachel. I'm not sure if the acidity content is right for it, but the experiment is fun!

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