Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So. Ottawa.

You know, it's been ages since I've been to the Museum of Civilization. Ages.

Like, maybe 15 years.

Spirit of the Haida Gwaii
I think it was really great for Howard and Dorothy (and Phil and I) to learn a bit more about the First Nations and their respective histories. If the above statue looks familiar to you (and not because you've been to the Museum of Civ), it's probably because it graces our 20$ bill.


The statue in the museum is actually a plaster replica of one found outside the Canadian Embassy in Washington and one at Vancouver International Airport. If you're interested in learning more, check out this link.
Detail of Mouse Woman
Anyway, we got to wander around and take pictures of all sorts of fun things.

A beautiful, vibrant painting that I can't remember the name of...
Can anyone else remember? I wish I'd written it down!

Howard, Phil & Dorothy
In front of some totem poles in the Great Hall. I probably should have told everyone to shimmy to the right. Whoops!

After we finished with the Museum (I won't even go into our visit to the Postal Museum), we headed downtown for lunch in the Market.

Tomatoes are in season!
The last year I lived in Ottawa, I had an organic basket from one of the fruit and veggie sellers. I love this place.

Who could possibly resist such gorgeous veg?
I miss the Market. Heck, I miss Ottawa!

Parliament Hill
I interned at the Houses of Parliament one summer. It was pretty cool, but I totally didn't take advantage of it. They made me read and summarize the Somalia Inquiry. That was pretty painful for my 16 year old brain.

East Block
Did you know that Ottawa is one of 4 capital cities designed in the Gothic style? I learned that from Cranium.

Howard, Dorothy & Phil
It was nice to have the sun come out - especially after such a cold and dreary morning.

Parliamentary Library
I wanted to find the cat house, but was totally unsuccessful. Really, I had no idea where to look! Instead of kitties, I offer you a view of the National Gallery of Canada and the Ottawa River.

Don't you just love autumn?
I really want to move back here.


Keith said...

I miss it too, let's miss it together. Also, the cat house is behind west block:)

dmcL said...

Oh, Ottawa misses you, too! Yes, cat house is sort of buried in the trees near the cliff-edge behind WB. Last time I was there, there were no cats around. It was a little creepy, actually. When there are cats it's sweet and awesome.

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