Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts!

It's been a rough week. I won't go into details, but some work drama went down that I found myself caught in. Being the victim of gossip and slander isn't fun, but I've come to the conclusion that rising above it all is the only way to go.

That, and keeping a detailed log of what happened and when so that if the aforementioned people say anything else, they can expect a formal complaint from the federation. I would take it now, but there may be pregnancy hormones (two weeks before due date) involved.

And, at the end of the week, my face blew up as a swollen mess of an allergic reaction to either (or some/all of): eye cream (I definitely had a reaction to this), face cream and an peel. I can't decide if I look like the Elephant Man or like a pig (the swollen eyelids are particularly piggy).

I will say that Kat and I had a cooking fest on Thursday night and I have a great Winter Sangria recipe to share with you.

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