Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh my lord...

Phil and I often (read: maybe once every two months) go to this great little patisserie, Frangipane, near us on Dupont.

They do great French macarons (including my two favourite flavours: salted caramel and passion fruit). But, on our last trip there this past weekend, we picked up a few of their tarts.

Fig and Raspberry with Frangipane
Now, I love a good frangipane tart as much as the next person, but the real star of the show was this little number:

White Chocolate Cheesecake Tart with Vanilla Caramel
I thought it was pumpkin at first. Oh, but I was so wrong. The Caramel had flecks of vanilla seeds floating in it and teetered perfectly on the slightly bitter side, perfectly complementing the white chocolate cheesecake filling.

To. Die. For.


Keith said...

Man they look tasty! I'd say I wish I could get them here, but if Japan has one thing, it's amazing little cake shops, and I find delicious treats like this often!

Alyson said...

The cake shops in Japan are awesome! You're right, it is one thing they do really well.

Joanna Tano said...

Those look so tasty! Making me hungry for dessert before dinner :-)

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