Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I'm concerned about what the kids will learn..."

Those are the words I heard from my principal last night. I made the foolish mistake of letting her know that there would be a clowning unit for my drama class, and that the kids would be throwing pies (read: whipped cream on a plate) at each other on Friday as part of their sketches.

Well, if I didn't just cause her a heart attack. I was told it would be a no go... because if I "teach them how to throw pies, I'm concerned they'll be doing it all the time."

That's right. I could have started a pie throwing epidemic.

Because kids have no idea how to throw pies at each other.

And if you give them knowledge, they'll just run out and do it.

And then there will be a tragic shortage of whipped cream in the world.

Oh God. What was I thinking? Truly, this would have been the undoing of us all.


Alee said...

hahahaha. That is hilarious. I can't believe I wasn't already following your blog! Off to read some more. :)

Kelsey said...

Gotta love public education. I was told I couldn't take my kids on a field trip this year because the field trip I wanted to go on required too much time pre-teaching when the time needed to be spent on tested skills. Mind you, the field trip hit literally every single standard for fourth quarter social studies. Also keep in mind the field trip focused on things like job skills, filling out applications, keeping a checkbook, voting and paying taxes, etc. Why turn kids into good citizens when we can turn them into test-taking zombies?

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