Friday, November 26, 2010

A Video After My Own Heart

Sometimes, when I see cookies, I stuff them in my mouth a la Cookie Monster.

True story.


dmcL said...

I think you'll appreciate this story in light of your post. :)

We made miniature sugar cookies (teeny ones cut with petit fours cutters) for the favours for our wedding. One of our groomsmen - who is, apparently, totally insane - after imbibing much scotch, devoured an entire little bag of them at once. He was laughing very hard, but through his nose, since his mouth was so stuffed with sugar cookie. He burst a blood vessel and proceeded to bleed from the nose while giggling and attempting to chew, eventually crawling under the head table while the rest of us laughed 'til our sides hurt.

Cookie mania: it can seize anyone.

Alyson said...

Hah! If only more RCMP people had the same sense of humour.

That's awesome about your groomsman! Nothing says hilarity like a popped blood vessel/cookie related incident!

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