Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tastes great... but the cake colour? Hmmm.

I'm loving the train wreck that are the ladies of the Bachelor this season. Gosh, they're just off the wall!

I picked up some gorgeous Moro blood oranges at Whole Foods yesterday with the intention of making a sticky orange cake. I figured that the colour of the oranges would produce the most beautiful pink looking cake possible.

I had gorgeous, deep red juice (one might say blood coloured). Surely I wouldn't need food colouring?

So, perhaps you can tell me why the cake went from the colour of this juice:

to this colour on the outside:

And this colour in the middle:

Can you see the blue-green tinge? My cake has a blue-green tinge.

Why does my cake have a blue-green tinge?

In what world is it okay for your dessert to come out of the oven with a surprise blue green tinge?

Because this is pretty much what it was supposed to look like...

Vegan Sticky Orange Cake: thekitchn.com
That looks orange and white to me. Nothing wacky and blue.

Recipe link here. I'd post the recipe, but I'm not sure I can recommend making a cake that turned blue.

It's delicious though... just blue.

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beachspirit2 said...

Like making true Red Velvet Cake (from beets), you have to keep the batter the same pH as the fruit in order to preserve the color - so no baking soda or any other ingredient that will change the pH of the juice. Baking powder is also basic, pH of 8.5

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