Monday, January 03, 2011

What's in your fridge?

We just got back from two weeks in Ottawa, and came home from an empty fridge. This, of course, meant that we ordered in a pizza. Remind me for Christmas '11 to make and freeze a casserole or something for arrival day dinner!

My fridge has things living in it. Things that shouldn't be alive. And far too many condiments. Case in point: the door.

But the shelves are what really scare me. I definitely need to do a purge!

Anyone have some fridge confessions they'd like to share?


Locavore Family said...

I kid you not, your condiment shelves are identical to ours. A few preserves, lots of Asian sauces, umpteen mustards, soy sauces, etc.

I just did the big purge a couple days ago and will take a pic once garbage day comes and goes. Right now I've got a stack of food a couple weeks old (EEEKS!) that I forgot to send to the trash before the holidays. Once that's cleared out, I'll show my new, bare bones fridge. I've already showed my pantry of shame (and video blogged it to really cement the embarrassment!) so I know the feeling.

Alyson said...

You've made me feel better already! I'd forgotten about the pantry of shame! I don't dare show you what mine look like - they're a total disaster... and the excess... Do I really need 4 different types of lentils? (As I typed that, I thought to myself: of course I do!)

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