Monday, August 16, 2010

PIP: Wedding Week Recap, part 1

As crazy as it feels to me, it was a year ago this week that Phil and I got married. It was SUCH an amazing vacation, and we were so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who flew from Canada, the US and England to Hawaii. It was a week long party!

My parents were amazing enough to use their aeroplan points to fly us first class! So, Phil and I went to Honolulu for 2 nights before heading over to Maui for 16 more.

Did you know you get free booze in the Maple Leaf Lounges? Hello!
Phil stretching out in his pod.
Happiness is having your feet outstretched!
We woke up on Waikiki Beach.
Breakfast of Champions
I take it back. Mine was the breakfast of champions!Poached eggs with Portuguese sausage. NOM.
I made the pilgrimage to the mother ship.
This was lunch for two! Coconut ice cream, mac nut shorbread, chocolate... sigh.
Me at dessert time at Alan Wong's. What a table d'hote that was!

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