Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays

While I'm at my parents' place, I've been too... well... lazy to get on the blogging train. I'm currently sporting a beautiful blister courtesy of a run-in with some molten sugar (croquembouche related mishap) on my right hand and that makes typing difficult.

I thought I'd share one picture with you though. Back in the '70s, whenever my parents threw dinner parties, my father would create those oh-so-fashionable drinks called Pousse Cafés. They're basically drinks where you layer liqueurs on top of each other, from least in alcohol to greatest. And, it's best, of course, if you use a variety of colours so people can actually see the layers.

My parents' liquor cabinet holds a lot of crème de menthe and blue curacao. I'm not going to lie, the drinks weren't tasty.

But oh, look how they sparkle in the snow!

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