Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breakfast for a Winter Weekend

Today, I am celebrating (or, as my husband might say, desperately clinging on to) my last day of being 30. And by celebrating, I mean moping around the house with a stupid sinus cold that now has fluid sloshing around in my ears.

It started with coughing so violently, I was convinced that my lungs were springloaded and ready to project themselves out of my esophagus, hit the wall across the room with a splat and slowly slide down.

Picture that with a squishy sound effect.

Well, thankfully that stage ended on Thursday and I'm into the head cold/sinus congestion/general malaise stage.

I'm pretty cranky about the whole thing, can you tell?

On top of that, the little team I happen to be cheering for this year in football (English football, not American) lost this morning in a very exciting match.

Of course, if I didn't have a yearly ritual of choosing a newly promoted team to cheer for each season, I'd probably be less disappointed by the losses. Anyway, Blackpool gave it a good shot and I still love them. I just wish they'd win more often.

So there.

In spite of my current state of crankdom, I did start the morning off right with a hearty bowl of... erm... oat.. no...

It's oatmeal.

Except without the oats.

It can't be called oatmeal without the oats, can it? Can it?

Because barleymeal sounds really stupid.

Anyway, it's topped with roasted pistachios, dried apricots and dollop of New Zealand Manuka honey and some dark chocolate shavings.

It's not breakfast if it doesn't have chocolate or bacon in it. I'm pretty sure God said that in the bible somewhere.

If He didn't, then I'd like to lobby for its inclusion.

Martha Stewart's Hot Cereals for Breakfast

2½ cups water
½ tsp salt
1 cup barley (remember, pot has more fiber than pearled)


3 dried apricots, chopped
¼ cup shaved dark chocolate
¼ toasted pistachios, chopped
¼ honey
1 cup milk
¼ cup heavy cream


1. Bring water and salt to boil in small saucepan over high heat. Add barley. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 45 -60 minutes or until tender and water is absorbed.

2. Divide barley between 4 bowls. Pour milk and cream over barley. Top with apricots, pistachios, honey and chocolate.

3. If you expect to have an especially bad day, add more chocolate.


Locavore Family said...

Oh wow. That looks delicious. I'm a sucker for a steaming bowl of meal in the morning. Thankfully, Honey Bear is equally susceptible to the wiles of porridge, so we're one big, porridge eatin' family. Still, I've never tried it with chocolate or pistachios. That's a whole new layer of flavours.

Alyson said...

It's totally decadent, but the earthiness of the barley kinda tempers that!

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